Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slit-Eye Kitty

I'm Chinese and you can blindfold me with a shoelace. Slit-eyes: the over stereotyped physical trait of a Chinese person which I happened to be blessed with, and also the target of jokes from friends with much bigger eyes, despite being Chinese as well.

Stupid Question #01
Audrey: So do you see half of what we see with those eyes?
Me: No. Feck off!

Na bei. You can never hear the end of it from that woman.

Audrey loathes the Serious Cat and thinks that Serious Cat's eyes were photoshopped on. She thought she could do a better job.

Here's a picture of a Scottish Fold cat, photoshopped with my terribly small eyes, courtesy of Audrey. Thanks, ah.

I think I'm Picture #02 most of the time.

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