Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LOLCAT Art Submission

Picture Credit: Marianne Goldin

In case you all don't know yet, (if you care enough anyway, you fecking kaypohs) Icanhascheezburger's one of my favorite websites at the moment. The website's subject? Cats, one of my more favored animals, despite being a "stupid animal who only comes to you when it needs something from you", to quote from a friend.

Well, Artists & fellow Artists-Wannabes like myself, here's something you should be interested in. They're calling for LOLCat Art Submissions! They're accepting 2D, 3D or animation work as well.

Dateline for Proposal Submission: September 19th 2008 (They said 11:59PM. Timezone not indicated, but I assume it's them Americans' timing)
Selected Artists will be informed by: September 25th 2008
Artwork Submission for chosen Artists: Friday, October 17th 2008

It'll be much better if you go to the website for more details.

I've already have an idea for a digital illustration. YAY. Will carry out illustration, whether or not the proposal gets chosen. More of that soon!

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