Who am I?

I'm JY, short for Jia Yuan. I'm in my late 20s. Tick-tock-tick-tock.

I am a 3rd generation Chinese Singaporean. Singapore is a cool little country*.

Professionally, I'm an IT girl. I manage various IT processes at my work place, and also do video-editing, web-design, and some web application development. It's great, because I do spend far too much time on the Internet, and to be able to contribute to it makes it hardly a job. I'm more PC and I haven't touched a Mac enough to qualify as a proper user. My phone's an android, but I'm just a user. Haven't developed anything for that platform yet. iPhone bitchz.

(I guessed getting that Android Phone was my attempt to be DIFFERENT from my iPhone using peers. Well, guess what? The (free) games available on android sucked so far.)

I dabbled in Theatre in my youth. I was spending far too much time in the school's drama club, rather than concentrating on getting As in my IT modules.  I now contribute as a member of the audience, which is an equally important role in theatre: hey, bums on seats is what makes a show!!!

Currently, I contribute a small amount of money to Wikipedia WWF every month.

I think I might have ADD, because you couldn't get me to work on the projects for long lengths of time.

Also, I love massages. That's one of my hedonistic indulgences.

You'll usually find me on Twitter, giving sporadic little updates. I usually Retweet other people's stuff, because it's convenient that way when I've got nothing to say of my own.

I've decided to keep this blog ad-free, because blogging for ad-money will make it feel like a job.

Preferred Feeds Reader: Google Reader

Tumblr too: jellyfishfist

Please direct any other questions to my email: kosherjellyfish @ gmail . com


Attempting the Karen Cheng pose, failz.

* Though some might argue that Singapore ain't cool: with an average temperature of 32 degree Celsius. We've taken air-conditioning as part of our lives.