Saturday, September 27, 2008

My contribution to "Citizen Journalism"

Singapore's Messiest Online News Source has this category called "Singapore Seen" , where registered users of the site are encouraged to submit photos/videos of interesting sightings. It's an interesting idea, this Citizen Journalism thing, and with our country's Telcos offering mobile phones with inbuilt camera/video function for cheap (if you sign a two-year contract with them la), it isn't that difficult to play our part.

Somehow, some people over at Singapore Seen seem to take cheap shots (pun intended, really) at unaware individuals. Hormonal teenagers cuddling la, dangerous Malaysian driver la, guy who never give up his seat on LRT la. Which goes to show our non-confrontational behavior in Singapore: most of us don't dare to voice out our unhappiness, but choose to scream-scream-shout-shout over the Internet instead.

But it's not nice la! I swear I wouldn't want to see some picture of me drooling while dropping asleep on the bus ride home or video of a drunk-me doing my version of a dance, what's with the high probability of both of that happening. Embarrasing la dey!

But here's my contribution to the world of bad Citizen Journalism anyway.

Below is the picture of the stupid fecker who jaywalked across Jalan Besar Road. Wah lao almost got knocked down you know.

Act cute somemore. I told him (yes it's a him, he has balls) "Next time be careful la!".

Well yes I talk to stray cats. I'm weird that way la.

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