Saturday, September 27, 2008


Maggots, cuter than gross.

Was over at the Singapore Biennale 08 with Audrey last Sunday; well not really, the whole exhibition is held at various venues (as indicated here), and the both of us only dropped by the one at City Hall.

True to say, I don't understand some of these contemporary art. Used to feel inferior, afraid to give my two cents worth about art, because I'm hardly a professional. These art critics with their arts degree, wanting us to find the "deeper meaning" in weird surrealist shite like Ants crawling out of a hand, making us feel like the Art World is some elitist group, which not everybody will feel comfortable in. Feck,I'm over that la: accept that I'm a layman and it's my layman point of view, and I'll attempt to appreciate it the way I want.

Well here are some of what I enjoyed anyway:

1) Wit Pimkanchanapong (Yeah, grovy name, huh!) from Thailand. His work, Singapore (2008), is really a Google-Earth satellite image of Singapore, pasted across the floor.
We had many squatting over the map, looking for landmarks that meant something to them, I found it pretty amazing that it's so easy to trace bus routes to find where me and my friends live; for Audrey her's is right beside a huge reservoir near the sea. Ours is a small country after all.

The volunteer was giving out stickers to us, to mark out landmarks.

Here's one of my little contributions:
Our favorite escape artist in forresty area of Bukit Batok. Thanks Charlie, for inspiration :P

Audrey and I had a riot of a time participating in this artwork. I supposed we spent half an hour here.

2) E Chen's Tropicana
The scooter and the bird are both woven in yarn. So are the other little items in this installation, which is beautiful. Apparently there's a motor installed away from the public's eye above the artwork (within the false ceiling), and the yarn in the artwork is being winded up slowly. By the end of the Biennale (in November), the artwork will have disappeared.

Go la. Only SGD$10. 50% off for students.

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