Sunday, December 1, 2013

I've nothing to write about.

(And so I've found this blog entry lying around for awhile "draft" mode. Canteen 1 of NTU has no more big wanton noodles)

I've nothing to write about. Okay, scratch that. I have nothing interesting to write about. That is why this blog is in this barren state.

So here's an attempt to start writing again, rather than my 160 characters on Twitter.
Food blogging

Here's a plate of dry Wonton-Mee. It costs $3.20 at NTU's Canteen 1. The wontons are generously meaty, with what I think is pork, and prawn. The brown sauce they drizzle on top is a little salty though.

They have a soup version which is cheaper, at $2.80. That would mean: they are charging $0.40 for the sauce they have on the dry noodles?