Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dey, let me drive lah.

My friend Nitya recently obtained her driving license, and has been making full use of it, picking me up from work, and driving me around. It has been enjoyable: being chauffeured around, headbanging together to Prodigy's Firestarter and criticizing Sean Paul's music.

One wouldn't believe that she's on a P Plate, because she's pretty darn good at it (except the parking part..)

I failed my Basic Theory Test twice this year, chickened out on the third attempt, and haven't progressed in the driving world ever since. She'll keep ask me "Oi, so are you planning to continue to learn to drive" and I'll be like "not now, too stressed at work".

I must say, I am envious of her new ability. So one night, after another one of the "Are you going to continue to learn to drive" questions, I said:

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Anonymous said...

I love your drawings. They are unmistakably you!

And give driving another go!