Monday, April 19, 2010

Nah, not you.

I recognize I'm not the type of girl you pick up on the streets or at the bar. James Blunt wouldn't be singing "You're beautiful x 3, it's true" to me. So shouldn't I feel privileged that somebody actually tried to ask me out?

I haven't met him. All he knows about me is a few of my pictures (more flattering because have to wear make-up during friend's engagement), and possibly a vague description of my personality from a friend's fiance. I don't like my friend's fiance, and I don't think he knows me that well.

All I know is, the many SMSes, asking me out, "up to you, how about movie" and the last message which was CAPITAL LETTER "CAN I CALL U PLZ" just didn't appeal to me.

And so doesn't his job title.

How superficial of me.

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Harlina said...


Itz cool, tbh I'd rx z sem wai.