Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's just work, lah.

I was overwhelmed by So.Much.Work. The to-do-list I scribbled to help me along the next few hours was accompanied by death-threat-doodles to 93.3FM Radio DJs. Annoying radio station. Accompanied by the drilling and the ding-dong-chiang-chiang noise from handy men doing things to the Air-Con and the door, and the soft mechanical zzzzzzzzzzzzz sound from the colleagues USB-operated fan. Oh the noise, the noise.

I could relocate temporarily to the quieter, open-concept office 2 storeys down, but thought better not, as the people there were the very same ones who have overwhelmed me with work.

I wanted to cry, fling something, die. This familiar feeling of helplessness.

"Ni!" went the phone. Ah, text message. Audrey asked me out for dinner. Oh happy, happy. I requested to use her condo's Jacuzzi. She said "yes".

60 dollars spent on a swimsuit + a fast food dinner. By 10 pm I was soaking in her pool, the stress from the hours before, melting away.

Never mind that in 2 days time, it's back to stress.

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