Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I apologize

Had a dream last night where I met my ex-boss from my first full time job after graduation, where I apologized to her for being a lousy to her. She smiled, in the dream of course.

That was weird because when I saw her at a friend's birthday party a year ago, I didn't acknowledge her presence. Neither did she tried to get my attention. Rude fucker, I was.

In my time of employment with her, I was rude, always late for work, and challenging her opinions all the time. We didn't really click: she offered to be a friend and a listening ear, but I didn't want that. In fact I found her annoying and ditsy.

But after working in other places for the past 3 years, I have to say that she's one of the nicer people around. Though I still don't think she is boss-material, she was (and probably still is) good-natured. She paid me on time. Most importantly, I had it easy as she did most of the work.

I'm sorry, K.

Of course I'm a better worker now lah. These things, it really comes with age.

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