Friday, January 22, 2010

Give me my money back!

And so I haven't gotten down to writing about my recent holiday in Bangkok, Thailand. So here's a preview.

Here are my nieces, the crazy little beautiful girls who entertained me throughout my stay.

Doing their Hannah Montana thing, in front of the Damien Hirst print.

The "Hannah Montana" thing comprises of them chanting I want my money back, I want my money back!, clamping their left palm between their right armpit, alternate arm in alternate armpit, repeat. They looked like little monkeys.

Wasn't intentional that they looked like they were mocking my cousin's Damien Hirst's famous "spot painting" print. Looks like Wrapping paper when I first saw it, he confessed.

In colloquial speak, it's a like that also can ah? kind of art.

I didn't ask my cousin how much he bought it for. Yes, didn't want to sound like a n00b. But he was nice enough to explain a little of contemporary art to me: it's concept over technique!!, and that I could look at Sotheby's to have a clue on how much a piece of art is currently valued at.

Wah kao! 120,000—150,000 GBP for an original?!

Like that also can ah??

Excuse me while I recreate this in Photoshop....

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Mii2GuYz said...

aww they look super cute!!