Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm feeling a little sad

It's my last night in Bangkok. For the past 9 days, I was over at my cousin's house in Thailand, surrounded by the people whom I got used to seeing just once or twice a year. (Chinese New Year, lah)

And though I didn't do the usual things people do when they're over at Bangkok, I was happy. Catching up with my cousin, getting more acquainted with his wife, playing with my nieces. I had to work on my freelance project on some days, but I wasn't stressed out. It's a holiday, man.

It's the same feeling, like after a 3-day Girl Guides Camp, or after a week long stayover at auntie's place. Or working on a show for around 2 weeks with my fellow drama mates. This familiar feeling.

This familiar sadness, knowing that all this is just temporary.

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