Friday, December 26, 2008


For some reason, my laptop screen doesn't go fuzzy anymore. (the back story's here) Well, okay, sometimes it does. But I know how to fix it, after observing a hardware guy tearing up my laptop when I had the same problem previously.

So life is good: waitress from China doesn't have to lose a portion of her minimal wage, and I'll have more money to tide me through this tough period.

My SMS to her: 我的电脑没事了,不用去装修。你不必担心。
Translation: There's no problem with my computer now, I don't have to fix it. Don't worry.

Her response: 对不起,我才看到你的信息。还有:“谢谢”!
Translation: Sorry, I just saw your SMS. Also, "Thank you"!

Why is there inverted comma in the thank you? I smell sarcasm. Woohoo.

Though I think I should invest in Laptop Insurance, due to my reckless nacture. Does anyone have any recommendation?


JayWalk said...

Haiz... Another fail Chinese one.

"装修" = renovate.
"修理" = repair

"谢谢" in quotes signifies that she is saying this in person like in a dialogue. No sacarsm lah. *kok*

Cassie said...

LOL u nid to renovate your laptop.. =x

JY / kosherjellyfish said...

JayWalk: Okay. "Thank you" for correcting my lousy Chinese.

Cassie: Hello cheebye!