Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bluddeh Christmas

How is Christmas Day so far?

1) The CPF Board unceremoniously deducted nearly half of whatever I have in my bank account. I took a year off paying my loans for my Polytechnic education since December 2007, so I guessed the year is over. A pretty sudden shock for me: didn't receive any "warning" that they are going to start my monthly repayment once again, either than or The Father, the only person in the family with access to the mailbox, failed to hand over the letter.

2) Was eating cheap Japanese Food when a waitress/server knocked over the chair that had my laptop and my bag. The LCD screen had gone wonky, no cracks though, thank god. The management refused to help their worker with bearing the cost of compensation to me, and expected her to take full responsibility for her actions. She's a minimum wage slave hailed from China, and I'm a minimum wage slave intern. I know she will have the difficulties, but so do I. We'll be compromising on how much each us us are going to pay, but still I have to bear the cost for repair first. Did I mentioned earlier that the CPF Board just unceremoniously took half my bank balance?

Money woes, I haz. Hate living from paycheck to paycheck. Now how the feck am I going to live with $100 till I get my next paycheck? Excuse me while I hope nothing goes wrong for the rest of the evening.

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