Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My very exciting Monday

The Dentist
The last visit I made to the dentist before yesterday was when I was 16. I'm 24 now. Seems like the advice which goes along the lines of have a dental checkup every 6 months have fallen upon very deaf ears. But who really follows that piece of advice, really?

I would like to believe I've a pretty healthy set of teeth. Firstly, every of them (except for one of them buggers*) are standing according to the formation of how human teeth should be lined, leaving no gaps for anyone to accuse me for copying Elton John or Madonna. Second: they're not gleaming white but none of them is threatening to drop out anytime soon. Thus the no-visits to Mr Dentist.

In the earlier weeks I was observing my appearance in the mirror to find some grey stuff above one of my front teeth. Grey. Hardened. Stuff. Sometime in our Primary School education many of us would have been told that this might be tartar, arrgh! Further investigation lead me to finding more of my front teeth with the same Grey Hardened Stuff. I need help.

So I paid a visit to Mr Dentist which was a block away on Monday afternoon. He was a young fella without all the Good Afternoon how are you today pleasantries and he went straight down to work as soon as my bum touched the reclining seat. Mr Dentist was vicious with my teeth, his sharp, drilling apparatus paid much attention to the gaps between them. My gums were threatening to scream damn you be gentle lah!

I never knew teeth cleaning takes merely around 5 minutes because he was finished as soon as he started. "Very dirty" he concluded "You must start flossing." And I paid SGD$50 for 5 minutes of torture. Hummpz, so unfriendly, and expensive. Dunch care, next time I'll choose to go to the subsidized polyclinic ones. But this time around: 6 months later, not 8 years later. I still need my smile.

The Printer + Fax
My very first bid upon eBay.com.sg, for a Dell printer which originally would set me back for around SGD$99, for only SGD$39. The guy that was selling it off said I could pick it up at his place in Punggol. In the evening I travelled from my Bukit Panjang Town to Little India (45 min), changed to the NEL Train (20 min) towards Punggol MRT Station, and hopped on to the Punggol LRT Line (another 7 min). Halfway across the country later did it occur to my tiny brain that "Hey, I'm buying something from this guy. Shouldn't it be HIM doing a cross-country affair for me instead?!"

Met the guy, cash and goods exchanged hands. Nice indian chap, really, but not a smiley person. On the LRT I noticed that his 2nd name was PRATAB, as printed on the box label. I can't help but sniggle.

While lugging the huge printer around, there was a girl wearing a pair of black skinny jeans which I would love to own, and I suspected I was staring at her legs far too long to make her turned around to me to ask:

Girl in skinny jeans: You need help?

Me with huge box and This Fashion plastic bag (tak glam to the max): No, it's okay.

Girl in skinny jeans: Oh, it's an empty box, is it?

Me: Erm... no, its heavy. But its manageable. Thanks!

Whatever makes her think its empty? But whatever, she was lovely. Some people are just nice. Same goes for the people that offered me seats during my various modes of transport home.

And now I've got a printer+scanner, sitting nicely on the spot on the table that would usually be occupied by untidy junk. I just destroyed the ink cartridge accidentally by peeling off too much of the foil on the surface. I guessed I have to pay another $30+ more for a new one.

So much for travelling all the way to Punggol for a cheap deal. Cheebye lah.

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