Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Californication - A sorta review

David Duchovny is very hamsum. Yes, perhaps this is old news already, but I only established how hamsum he is until recently when I watched Californication. Yes. I'm haven't watched an episode of X-Files, laugh all you want. X-Files was in my childhood and during those times I don't watch much TV, and even if I did I couldn't catch up with the American accent. (Thank God for subtitles!) Then again, I didn't have a problem with the faux American accent that's on our local radio airwaves. Strange. But I digress.

In the show David Duchovny plays Hank. Hank is mid-life crisis' fucked up: his ex-girlfriend's getting married, he's still in love with her, they already had a 12 year old daughter together, and he's having a writer's block: which kinda sucked because the guy's a professional writer.

But that didn't stop him from having a whole stream of women who wants to sleep with him. And so one of his one-off bedmates turned out to be someone very interesting: she punched him in the eye, mid-coitus. Later on she turned out to be the smarty- pants 16 year old daughter of Hank's ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend. And she goes on to torment him through the rest of the show with her antics.

The portmanteau, "Californication" is supposed to be the state name California, and the word Fornication: summarizing much of this show's premise of how the glitter and glamour of Hollywood fucks people's lives up. That included Hank, previously based in New York, with his move to California was when things start going downhill for him and the people around him.

And of course Californication is more known to me as the title of the hit single, and album name of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had to admit that was what caught my attention in the first place. The Chili Peppers have sued the producers of the show for riding on the fame of the word they popularised. Read more about the court case here. The whole compliant can be found here as well. I think that the RHCP guys are a tad bit sensitive on this one though, and they should have been honoured for being referenced to. It's not like they'll need the money if they are being compensated, no?

That aside, you'll never catch Californication on our TV Stations here, there's far too much bare bosoms and when we're talking about sex here in its abundance. Why, the first episode's already controversial: Hank dreamt that he went to church and the hot nun offered to give him a trouser-friendly kiss. To quote him: Sweet baby Jesus, Hank is going to hell.(Watch the scene on youtube) Yes, you are.

Watch Californication's Season One here: The links to Veoh.
Don't worry. It's only 12 episodes, and it's sinfully good.

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Do you feel compelled to watch the show after reading this? That's my job as a reviewer, isn't it? Do tell me. This will help me very much to improve the way I write. Thanks very much : )

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