Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Vasectomy Song

Oh boy, another fun song and dance in the Family Guy Episodes!

Lyrics to the Vasectomy Song

A vasectomy's a medical procedure
One that makes you half a man (you're half a man)
Remember when you twisted up your garden hose
Well essentially that is the plan (that is the plan)

Peter: Well I'm starting to get the picture, but how's it done?
You make a small incision in the scrotal skin
Isolate the vas and then (isolate the vas and then)
You roll it in position with a towel clamp
Then you snip the fiberous tissue (then you snip the fiberous tissue)
You'll never have to wear a condom
When you do it with your wife

Or anyone else you do it with we promise not to tell
like that new hot chick at work
you know the one who always as high beams under her
ribbed white cotton t-shirt
but then stares daggers at you for checking her out
And it's like why do you wear that if you don't
want attention but you know you shouldn't
think that way because of the sexual harrassement
meeting you all had to go to
Seriously how lame was that
And you couldn't help but notice that the female lawyer
running the seminar had a huge rack
like ridiculously huge for someone who has to talk
about that kind of stuff
Well I guess that's the definition of the word "Irony"


Say goodbye to manhood (Goodbye)
Say goodbye to babies
Say goodbye to kids like Meg (Vacuum out your sack)

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! This is one of the best songs they've done. This and The Guys At The FCC. Thanks.