Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I need money to fund my dreams

An idea: wouldn't it be nice to have a gig with people singing Red Hot Chili Peppers covers? Acoustic set, nothing too loud, and people sitting around on carpets and smoking on sheesha pipes, while someone sings Under the Bridge. Quite cliche sounding, really: Under the Bridge must be the easiest song to cover.

But I don't know anything about funding gigs. The last gig I was involved in 2 years ago, we had managed to get school funding, inviting local bands. We didn't pay the bands, though, and thinking back now, hell, they must be pissed.

Now that I've left school for awhile, I haven't done any of such projects - drama, gigs, whatever. I don't know how these gig organisers get the money to do their stuff. How much corporate sponsorship can one even get? We can't just rely on that.

My ex-boss had given me a postcard for my birthday last year, something that said "If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done", and his own little motivating message written behind. At that point I had though it sounded real cheesy, cheesiness accentuated with the photo of a boy looking out at the mountains.

But now I kinda got the message from the card. In order to do this gig I guess I'll have to do something else to get the money to fund it. Wash cars? Sell Insurance? Teach Tuition? Wait at tables? I arrived at the idea of funding art that are inspired by RHCP songs. Someone rich buys the art and then there'll be funds. Problem is: their lyrics are close to gibberish at times, and where am I going to find the money to fund them, the artists that might be keen?

With people (narrowing down to Singaporeans) only willing to spare their loose change for projects that are having tie-ins with the word Charity, this might not be easy afterall. Ideas much appreciated from people doing such 'indie' projects.

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