Thursday, June 7, 2007

Brian and Stewie Griffin

Family Guy is really classic! The great kinda shite that keeps me occupied. Hell I wish I can be one of their scriptwriters, but I'm foreign to the American pop culture - which is what really drives the show.

One of my favourite scenes, when Brian and Stewie got sent to Iraq after they signed up for the army.

Brian the Dog: Alright, it shouldn't be so hard to get ourselves kicked out.

Stewie: We've just got to convince them that we're not army material.

There's no need for caption for this one, obviously.

Stewie: Wow, look at how gay we are! I am so gay with my gayness!

Brian Griffin the Dog: Yeah, I'm a homo!

Watch it on Youtube:
(Around 6:50 min into the clip)

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