Friday, March 6, 2015

The one about me walking into Sportsmen Asia

This happened quite a number of years ago. Guess I thought it was inappropriate to post it the last time when SG was not as liberated as now, but now it should be okay...and the said shop is no longer around.

And so my friend and I were wandering around Chinatown Point (before its current revamped state), when we chanced upon a shop named Sportsmen Asia. From the outside, I could see a couple of bright colored sports singlets, and I thought "oh well, a sports shop, can take a look inside lah".

We both went into the shop, and were the only customers. An enthusiastic (not overbearing), young man, greeted us,  keen to show us around. He was beautiful. A stockier man who looked like the bossman, in a nice sports singlet, welcomed us as well. Also, a beautiful man. Weird.

And as the beautiful young man purveyed the wares of the shop, which was racks hung with bright singlets, beautiful shorts and swimming trunks from brands such as Aussiebum...

Wait a minute.... Aussiebum is familar...

And then it clicked. Aussiebum wares. Handsome stall attendants.This was not any sports shop like World of Sports loh.....

WAH LAO...this shop is for people of the gay!

And so there we were, two straight girls, in a shop catering for gay men.  There was no polite way to extricate myself from an awkward situation such as this. Turning my back and dashing out would look like a homophobe. But I'm no homophobe. I had to show that I was comfortable with this.

"Erm... Do you have anything for females?" I tried.

"Well.... Pleasure toys!" said the young man.

He simply said pleasure toys like it's the most natural thing. Like "Vegetables" or "Books"! Oh no...And so we found ourselves politely following him to a (literal) wall of pleasure toys, picking up one particular one that men use on their.. erm... backdoor...and told me that he had female customers buying them as well. And all I could say was "errr it looks easy to wash.",  trying not to laugh.

Before we managed to politely leave, the young man offered a sample of liquid phermones, that can be rubbed on my myself on my wrist, supposedly to help me attract hordes of men for as long as the scent last.

But there were no horde of men that night (or any other night). Only some old friends, and a funny story of how I "walked into a shop for the gays" for them to hear.

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