Monday, April 9, 2012

Like a boss

It was Saturday night. I was lying in my bed doing this, when I heard the cat meow. Now, the cat is not the most vocal cat, and only meows on occasions he is demanding food, or having a frustrating moment with lizards he couldn't reach, or telling me to stop carrying him.

I got off bed, and walked out of my door and found the cat standing in front of it.

He ran off and I followed him.

He stopped at the litter box that we've placed in the middle of the stairs, somehow twitched his ears towards it, turned his body towards me and stopped.

"Oh you want me to clean the litter box?" I asked.

His eyes said yes.

He continue standing there steadily, until he saw me fetching the newspapers to wrap the soiled litter in.

Like a boss, this one.

1 comment:

Ёж Валера said...

Кошка, не очень вокальная кошка
По вечерам поет.
Вечер на юге
Жаркий немножко
Кошечку доведет.
Не обижай свою добрую кошку.
Кошку жалей и люби.
И убери за кошкой немножко
Кошку слегка покорми.