Sunday, January 15, 2012

Service standards

Previous week. I was waiting for my turn at a popular clinic in the same shopping center (Beauty World Centre) that had 20+ people ahead of me, and thought I could waste some time at McDonald's.

The service was lackluster. The queue growing behind me, and all they had was a one young cashier with a face you'll wish to slap, and a manager who was multitasking so badly and slowly, the cup of coke she had tried to fill with the auto-dispenser overflowed. It was also a delivery point, so there were delivery men hunched over their iphones, seated at the corners.

I walked off, pissed.

I went back to the clinic and waited another hour. The old doctor was worth waiting for. You know how good he is, when there are at least 5 different clinics nearby, but people were flooding his clinic instead. I'm just wondering why his clinic assistants are so under dressed and snappish. Overworked, perhaps.

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