Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My terrible relationship with library books

Public libraries. There are so many of them in Singapore.I live near one that's located in the neighborhood shopping mall. It's a place where you can find retired old men flipping through newspapers, students with laptops plugged in, and the occasional person who'll fall asleep in the free air-con.

My trip to libraries are usually unplanned. I may just happen to be helping my mom return the books that she borrowed, or require a free place to hang out at while waiting for the rain to stop. But of course, I do pop by intentionally with the purpose of finding a book I need lah.

Here's the usual scenario whenever I pop by the library.

Firstly, while browsing, something interesting will get my attention.
Soon, I'll get bored of reading in the library. I'll max out my library card, lugging 4 books home, promising myself that I'll finish them when I get home. Plus, I get to pretend to be an intellectual while lugging so many books home.

Reached home. Books will end up on desk.

Books will continue to be abandoned on desk, while I spend most free time I have doing this...

3 weeks will pass.

I have forgotten about the library books. But the friendly library would remind me of them. And then I'll lug the same books back to the library...

Return them at the book drop.

And since I'm at the library already, why not drop in for some browsing?
The cycle repeats.

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