Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Craig David doing now?

10 to 11 years ago, the radio introduced us to the handsome Craig David, who was 19, oh-so-handsome, and sang about his dating prowess in the song "Seven Days" on him meeting a girl on Monday, taking her for a drink on Tuesday, and managed to make love with her by Wednesday, and on the Thursday and Friday and Saturday...

Nitya and I used to laugh, saying "Wah lao, have sex 4 days in a row. Not tired meh?

Fast forward to 10 years later. We were in her husband's car when "Seven Days" came on the radio. We both wondered what happened to Craig David, as we haven't heard anything new from him these days.

"Maybe he's no longer in the music scene" I said. "Maybe he's stuck in some lousy desk job."

"I know what he's doing!" she said.

And when the chorus came on, we sang:

He went to work on Monday
Then he went to work again on Tuesday
He will still be working on Wednesday
And on the Thursday And Friday And Saturday
And did OT on Sunday

On a separate note, I love the music video. It's following the style of Groundhog Day.

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