Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keeping up with the times

I'm pleasantly surprised that the CPF Website has a little icon for login for iPad users. That's showing that our stat-boards are making the effort to keep up with the times.

I supposed they're if they are taking a portion of our salary monthly, they'll want to provide us the best service as they can. :P

Though I have a few concerns:

1) Well, not all of us have an iPad
I haven't attempt to access through the iPad login. I don't suppose it's an iPhone Application, but just a website accessible by the web browser.

There are so many different form of tablets and smart phones for us to access the internet. If they're already accommodating a website to the iPad, I suppose they can take one step further by providing for the iPhones and other smart phones as well.

2) Do we really need a separate website for the CPF website?
I only login to the CPF Website once in 3-4 months. Unless we're talking about employers / people in the finance department submitting your CPF Contributions, I don't see anyone else requiring to use the website as often. (Correct me if I'm wrong: Those using their CPF to pay for their HDB loan: do you monitor the transactions closely via CPF website as well? )

It's not like iBanking where some of us will need frequent access. Or some stock exchange feed where we would like updated information as quickly as possible. I suppose if a service is not going to be regularly used, there shouldn't be a need to build a separate site for it.

I'm not just referring to the CPF website: I guess it's something we should take note of when we're doing anything: Don't do it for the sake of doing it. Or rather, don't do it because it's cool.

Do it because it enhances the services you are providing.

Updates on 9th June 2011
I logged in via the iPad (colleague's). It looks the same as the website leh.

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