Friday, February 4, 2011

IT knows how companies function.

I was thinking about it: IT people have great advantages in their jobs.

We are the ones who have to understand business processes and build solutions for it. We may get to understand a function ( example: accounting, purchasing ) in the company so well, that we could actually take over the job function in the time to come. Or even quit our jobs to start our own outfit, if we are brave enough.

But not everyone in another business function can do our jobs, unless they took the effort to learn.

There are times I'm so glad I chose to study a technical course instead.

I guessed this is why it's good to do cross-function jobs sometimes.


Additional points (18/02/2011)

I guess having some marketing knowledge would be brilliant as well, so perhaps you want to try to work with the marketing team to understand their processes? :)

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