Friday, August 20, 2010

Excuse me, is this a test?


Video-Editing is a pain; I was listening to footage from a *gulp* Wealth Management Conference. A footage 5 hours long. It's interesting how sometimes through your job, you pick up knowledge you never gave a shit about earlier. PRIVATE BANKER, CLIENT, SAVVY, MILLION DOLLAR ASSETS, CAPITAL MARKETS. I could hear these words in my sleep nao.

JY, can you make the video interesting? Can you make the video scroll? Special effects? Can we see the video nao nao nao? Deadline, Deadline!

Please. A wealth management conference? It's not a partay, and there's no hands in the air, Christians praising the lord kinda footage. I'm no miracle worker. And I certainly don't want to do a Michael Bay, where it's all INYOURFACESPECIALEFFECTS and no content. Real content is necessary.


At least there was female speaker, charismatic and blessed with that Hongkie accent which made her strangely more attractive. But the funny bits from her are so politically-incorrect, it'll sure receive a cut anyway.


Time to pack up and leave. Let me deal with this tomorrow.

No one to talk to on the journey home, so I listened to the loud conversations between some students on the bus. Is it still considered eavesdropping when it's almost in your ear?


Home. Mother is still sick. And whiny.

JY your brother doesn't care for me. He never ask me whether I'm sick

JY go iron some clothes

JY go take the clothes out of the washing machine

Oh god, ma, I just worked close to 12 hours, and now I must take on your job? Fine, you're sick. I'll cover your duties.


JY go make me a Milo

JY your father don't want to make Milo for me!

Okay parents behaving like kids. I'm so not prepared for this.


Agagooga said...

Why embed a plurk widget if your timeline is private?

JY said...

Well I only recently turned my timeline to private.