Monday, July 26, 2010


Read books on Oil / Acrylic Painting and you will find that there are so many layers to a painting; make an X-Ray on an Oil Painting and may find another artwork that was painted over by the artist. A masterpiece beneath a masterpiece? Well if it's started off with a masterpiece, why was it painted over in the first place? It's a piece of draft which the artist doesn't want us to see.

Call it a mess, but even Jackson Pollock's (the painting above) work has so many layers to it. It is so raw: it's like you could see the many drafts of his work. Layers and layers of drafts. No secrets. Very brave. Like a uncensored teenager.

I'm just wondering what was his thought process as he splattered and dripped paints on the canvas on the floor. Must have been liberating. No planning. Just release.

I'm also wondering whether he demands for shoulder massages after long hours of bending over to 'paint' this.

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Harlina said...

I bet he had an Ah Fook's not too far away from his studio!