Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sexay time with animals

We already know they don't teach you everything in school. All I remembered from primary school about chicken sexual reproduction would be eggs, warmth and incubators. But thank god for Mr. Google when you have unanswered questions such as How do chickens have sex?

15 seconds of sex. That is too sad, but that's how long chickens do it. I didn't even know cocks don't have cocks. They have sperm globs which they insert into the hen instead. All that for just 15 seconds.

They do a little dance around the hen to indicate their interest, but I see more chasing, and the hen running away half the time here.

Well someone else is more endowed in the animal kingdom, and that would be Mr. Elephant, whose penises can grow as long as 6 feet (1.8 m )

A video we found for your viewing pleasure.

Audrey: Look at it, it's so long it touches the ground. It's like a fifth leg loh!

Terrence: Does it go smaller?

Audrey: I think it rolls back up lah.

Terence: Yah it better, I mean what if it accidentally steps on it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Terence ROTBLOL, where B stands for 'Bed', for around a minute to himself.

I guessed a long penis would be inconvenient for some.


JayWalk said...

Wait till you see the whale's!

JayWalk said...

Someone in the background going "Ew! Ew! Ew!" is damn funny!

JY / kosherjellyfish said...

And the little one just stood there, all nonchalant!