Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Hai, I haz real jobz.

When a (trainee) numerologist & tarot card reader offered to give me a free reading, I said "why not", because I'm helping him practice... and also, it was free lah. All he needed from me was my name and my birth date, and he "read" me pretty well, despite only knowing me as "the girl behind the counter", serving him food at the vegetarian restaurant.

From his analysis, 2008's a pretty sway year for me, and if I want to restart anything, he recommended that I should try in the months of October and December.

This year was odd-jobs year: wardrobe assistant for theatre, waitress, traffic-counter, Singapore Biennale tourguide, and a temp at NP. It was really fun because I had time to do things I enjoy, but it's totally irresponsible for a 24 year old to be earning less than 1K a month: it was enough money, really, because I don't really indulge (except when it comes to food), and didn't need to give to my parents, and I'm taking a break from paying back my education loan. And of course my parents are not happy lah!

So when the guy renting office space for his Web firm above the restaurant casually asked me if I knew any friends who are programmers and designers, I asked him whether he would like to see my portfolio: something I put together to get into the expensive Art School. He took me in as an intern.

So far, it has been pretty tough. Not working in the IT industry, despite graduating with a technical diploma in it, the technologies I learned back in school are almost obsolete. I haven't been in a deadline-driven environment for a long time as well. I was slow, I was missing my deadlines. The bosses they were generous with their pep talks, and they were nice enough to keep me around.

I do enjoy the odd-job days, but I live in the real world, and therefore I need a real job...that'll pay the bills. But it was fun while it lasted though.

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