Monday, August 25, 2008

MobTV, I haz!

Okay, something I did in a whim. I purchased a month's worth of MobTV, Mediacorp's Online Broadband Television. Pretty cheap for a month's worth: SGD16.20. It's pretty user-friendly as well: you can choose to stream the videos, or download them into your computer.

Now I'm not a big fan of MediaCorp shows, especially the predictable and unrealistic Channel 8 drama series, where Captain Obvious hangs around half the time. But I thought I would check Calefare out. I love it, though it's a little lame! Fiona Xie was quite painful to watch, but Gurmit Singh proved himself as a true veteran And Vadi Pvss, the Indian man in the "Mumbai Dah! India!" M1 Advert was perfect, packaged as the Indian "calefare" with the accent that triggers the laughs,Dah!

And also, I downloaded the last two episodes of The Golden Path as well. Missed it because I had to work till late when the last two episodes were airing. A true guilty pleasure: I never found myself following a Channel 8 drama series that close before. And having crushes on Lee Nanxing. When Rashad told me he was following it as well, I was like "Heng lah, I not the only one lah!"

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