Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yes. Near Sim Lim Square, at around 6:40 a.m. The Bus 170 bus ride I was on passed by the not-too-gorgeous scene, in the following sequence:

First, Police Car, checked.
Second, the Policemen, putting barriers around, checked.
Third, a random brown slipper on the road, checked.
Fourth, white-cloth covering a bent-over body, with a trail of blood that lead to, in my assumption, said body's head, checked.
Fifth, a red sports car, with it's windscreen shattered on the left side, checked.
Sixth, a bespectacled Chinese Ah Beng, standing around accident scene, looking pretty calm, erm...

It was only after a few seconds after being "ridden-past" the scene that it occurred to me that I just saw a dead guy. Frightening, for somebody who was once knocked down by a car.

*whispers like Peter Griffin* It could have been meee!.. and I don't really want to know whassup under that white-sheet. Poor guy. Probably on the way to work, you know.

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