Friday, July 4, 2008

Telling them how to appease us is keeping them in power.

Yes, we complain a hell lot. We seem to demand a lot from the Gah-men. About the lack of bicycle-docking stations at MRT Stations. Not enough exercise facilities. Not enough jobs, not enough cash. All the complaining is "telling" them how to take care of us, and yes, they deliver. Wireless.SG? Yes, we haz. Plenty of covered walkways? We haz. Food reflexology paths? We haz. Lifts on every floor on HDB Flats? We haz. Job fairs? We haz.

We demand, they supply. We complain, they try to deliver. We're the customers, they are serving us as well as they can. Our complains tell them exactly how to appease us in many different ways, and all they're asking is for you to give them your support in the next general election. No one bites the hand that feeds you, huh.

So what if Singaporeans stop complaining about material things? The ruling-party wouldn't know how to entice them anymore, right? Which gives them more reason to NOT vote them for the next general election. Could this be a method used to get rid of the ruling party? Just a crazy thought from me.

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