Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Internet's down.

KNN, dunnoe what happened lah. I can't surf the net on my computer for the past 2 days. Use 2 different Internet Browsers also cannot!

Here's the summary:

1) There is nothing wrong with the Internet Connection: I'm still able to use MSN Messenger.

2) There's nothing wrong with the router the family's using: tested it with my mom's friend's Asus Eee.

3) I've switched off Windows Firewall already lah.. I don't even use it in the first place.

4) There's nothing wrong with my wireless adaptor as well.

Well, usually I do some googling to find solutions for any of mine or my friends' computer problems and many problems as well (mold and mildrew, anyone?), but now I couldn't do that. And running back and forth from my bro's computer, trying out different solutions is fucking leh-cheh.

Arrgh. So much for a Diploma in IT. Well my brother, armed with his Degree in IT, he also cannot solve the problem... so this is troublesome. Anyone got tips?


Bal said...

eh cannot use Internet but can post a few blog post?? err....? huh?

JY said...

Blogging from work and bro's comp lah.

Martin said...

Check whether your browser works online (is in the "file" menu). Have you done anything before the Internet went down?
Scan for viruses.

JY said...

Thanks martin :) I think it was a virus afterall, though my scanner couldn't detect it. It screwed up my registry, it seemed.

Reformatted my computer to resolve the problem.