Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Saving time: Keeping my earphones tangle free

I was a real mess. Still am. And trying not to be. Family, friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues are prefectly aware of my mess, from what they see on my desk and room. "It's my creative mess", I used to like to think and say, but nah, what rubbish was I sprouting back then? *FACEPALM*

A definite messy place would be my bag. Or bags. What you'll find: Handphone, jangling keys, letters, notebooks, magazine, the random sweet/tidbit wrapper, some book that I'll read halfway, and of course, the MP3 Player. The MP3 Player that is accompanied by pesky wires that tangle up one too many times: I've spent many minutes of my life on public transport, untangling those damn wires.

In the attempts of saving some time: I thought of buying those fish bones cord-keeper that they sell around some music shops. The design's nice, but forking out SGD$7-9 a teeny-weeny piece of plastic is kinda silly.

The wonders of the Internet has provided cheaper alternatives of tangle-free wires.
Lifehacker has tips of coiling the wires in Figure of 8. I preferred the one featured on Instructables: fashioning a cord-keeper out of an old credit card.

There was no old credit card lying around the house: I found a cardboard piece instead, as seen in the picture above. Of course it looked damn un-pro, after I've done scissors works on it. It was meant to be a keychain which I didn't use in the end: a purchase made around 4-5 years ago while I was still in school. The artist actually drew the DAMN CUTE octopus caricature on the small cardboard piece, so it's the one and only in the world. Heehee special siah.

My earphones quality are of the average. Bohemia Bunny would pay SGD$150++ for her powderful earphones, but I only paid below SGD$25 for mine. I've already damaged the previous one that came along with the MP3 Player, and someone who kills / loses thing easily should never posses earphones that cost more than some MP3 players.
Coiled up properly. The artwork now hides behind those wires. Artist must be sad.
All tucked nicely, and ready to go! Praise thee, Internet, for wonderful tips.

P/S: Audrey saw this entry, and told me to make one for her. Ah. Good. A cheap birthday gift, she will get.

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