Saturday, July 19, 2008

Doing the "Karen Cheng"

Attempting a "Karen Cheng" on my 24th Birthday, before heading out to meet mai pals. No nice party frock here. Only a "lousy" Threadless Tee! Tee and jeans is what I'm gonna wear, coz I've got no shoes to match the nice dress I've got. Seems like my left foot has expanded ever since my injury...arrgh, yet another thing to add to my long list of problems.

Hopefully Charis didn't think of wearing the same teeshirt today to my mini celebration. And hopefully I don't bump into Cakie along the way there, who bought the same tee recently too. Else, one of us has gotta flip the shirt over, and it has gotta be Charis, because Birthday girls are supposed to be treated with extra niceties on their special day. YA RLY.


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Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!