Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is for real:!

Yes, now you can find out how you look like with a Turban, with TURBANIZER! You just have to upload a photo of yourself and choose from an array of turbans available!

Apparently there's a reason for
Why we made the Turbanizer

Racism is driven by being afraid of the unknown. People that do not wear a turban need to connect with the turban to understand it. helps by allowing anyone in the world to visualize themselves in a turban. If someone insults your turban, just TURBANIZE THEM!

Ah, so the men with the Paghs are sick of the Turban jokes, and they built this application to laugh at themselves. That's a nice touch :P

This is how a 5-year old me look like in a Punjabi-Styled Black Turban. Those who are very fond of "Bhai What Colour" jokes is going to have a riot with this application.

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