Friday, June 6, 2008

I received Frower!

"Uncle" JayWalk drew me a frower! He also drew 25 other flowers, which is an impressive feat for him to find time to do this in the midst of being a tua tua entrepreneur in Ch1na who chokes up impressive handphone bills.

Now that's a really nice gesture from somebody whom I haven't in real. Haven't met the rest that frequent the Cowboy Bar either (a tremendous distraction from work!) Now most of these "barflies", including JayWalk, maintains some sorta online anonymity, not revealing their real names and faces through their blogs. I only know them by their nicknames, but of course I'm always curious of how they look like lah.

When I queried them on how JayWalk looks like, most of them at the Cowboy Bar said that he looks like this guy:

Okay, fine. 80s hairstyle (perm siah), loads of facial hair, very manly. Wow.

JayWalk generously added me on Facebook last week, thus revealing his mug to me through photo albums. He doesn't look like the hairy, pervy man above lah, you liars.

He really looks more like this guy:

Okay excuse me while I go put out the fire I started. Don't kill me uncle..

P/S: The chinese-bearded man is really Taiwanese host Fei-Ge and the Chao Ah Gua-looking guy is actually the late MGR, a very popular Tamil Movie superstar of the 50s-60s from very long ago lah.


JayWalk said...

Walau...... dun see me so up lah.... I were got look like them????

Ni bu yao hai wo!!! Sekali all the indian aunties come after me!!!

JY said...

I can imagine you running away from a horde of saris at Mustafa Center, and you yelling "Neh-hee! Neh-Hee!" (Help!! HELP!!)

Jaschocolate said...

Muahhahaha... so funny~~ I dont know whether to pity jay for not looking like both of them or be happy for him..

JY said...

Jaschocolate: you should be happy for him! It's an honour to be referred to THE MGR!