Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm on my feet again!

Yes, I'm walking on both my feet again, and I've dumped my crutches. They (the crutches) must be really emo right now, crying silently on what a "bastard" I am for dumping them after "using them" for only two months or less. Yes, I'm a terrible lover. But someday, they might receive my call, and I might go back to them, only when I need them. And they'll call me a "bastard" again.But enough of me trying to be punny.

I can walk with my shoe-cast: a discovery made in Watson (yes, the convenience stall) , between narrow shelves stocked with shampoos and conditioners and loofas and pumice stones and what-have-yous. Didn't remember what prompted me to try walking: I just did. Yah lah slightly painful, but tahan-nable pain. So I limped to my friend Tya, both crutches now held in one hand, and she was like woohoo you can walk!

On Sunday, I was at the Airport to fetch The Mother's lesbian partner (putting in crudely in Audrey's style), who was here for yet another business trip. Trying to be a hero, I went there without my crutches, limping. Limping. On the left foot. Not exactly a good idea when the country's most wanted man is described to walk with a permanent limp on the left foot as well, with all these guards marching around the airport, holding big big guns, on a standby to hunt him down.

Off to F*ormidable Bosom Charis' birthday party tomorrow after work. She's promising booze, hot indian men, loads of tandori chicken, and her bird for entertainment! And there's Twister to be played as well, which I will give a miss lah. '

*Do figure out why I bold the F in Formidable :P Some answers from my witty friend.

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