Sunday, April 27, 2008

Life in Crutches - Part Two

A little knowledge about my foot injury, for anyone who bothers. In normal circumstances, I wouldn't have the need to know about detailed parts of this part of the human anatomy. As kids in school, we were only taught to summarize it in a four-lettered word called foot, or feet(plural)!

The picture above details the bones that makes up the structure of our foot - loads of long, cheem sounding words which you can use in conversations with people to make you appear a little more learned.

The car hit was impactful enough to break the front of the metatarsals of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th toe of my left foot. Metatarsals are the long bones leading to your toes. Apparently, the injured metatarsus are now misaligned, leaning to the left, and will forever remain that way for the rest of my life even when the bones heal. Woot, exciting.

Interesting fact from Wikipedia: David Beckham broke his 2nd metatarsal of his left foot during a game (Man-U VS I-Have-No-Idea-Who, I don't care much for soccer) before the World Cup 2002, jeopardizing England's chances in the competition. The handsome one was no doubt a well-known media darling, which has lead to the metatarsals being coined the "Beckham Bone" eventually. WTF lah.

The first metatarsal, or the bone leading to my big toe seemed to have being torn away from the Cuneiforms or Navicular, or it appears like that in the X-Ray. Doctor says it might require surgery, which they'll decide after a scheduled CT Scan. The doctors of Grey's Anatomy are always suggesting either a CT Scan or an MRI ("Sheppard Sheppard we need a CT SCAN! BP'S DROPPING"), making it all really exciting, but I'm sure it's not going to be cheap.

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