Thursday, March 6, 2008

Go buy LIME for March 2008

If you've got 3 dollars with you, do buy a copy of Lime Magazine for the month of March 2008. Yes, it's a magazine targeting annoying teenagers, and I had copies of it at 13/14 years old. Seems that the magazine's currently taking a different direction, with various segments dedicated to covering our local music scene, thanks to Levan Wee, the unmissable white-haired dude who once screeched and screamed in the band Ronin) as one of their writers.

Here's Levan's online plee for all to grab a copy of this month (March 2008)'s magazine, which comes along with a free 30-Track CD from 30 different bands. Painstakingly compiled by the LIME team.

No one is forcing to like everything on the CD. Giving your support for the local music scene is really not about loving everything that's offered. Treat it as a sample: it'll be like going to a buffet, where you try a little bit of everything. 30 different dishes to try, somemore. I didn't enjoy some of the stuff in there as well such as the highly raved West Grand Boulevard, or maybe I'm just not into Emo-Rock.

What I do enjoy are stuff from B-Quartet and Flawed Element. Flawed Element's featured track on the CD, Worms on Concrete can also be found on their MySpace's page as well. Actually, most of the featured bands have MySpace pages, as mentioned by Levan over here.

Okay, have fun sampling!

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