Monday, February 25, 2008

Some 'anonymous' blogs you should read

Alot of good (singaporean) writers blog using a pseudonym: so you don't know how they look like, don't really know what they work as. To name a few which I read on a regular basis, using my Google Reader. And I would think the blogs are good only because they are being real and non-pretentious behind their popular online facade. That's when they have nothing to hide.

1) Cowboy Caleb
2) Tinker Tailor
3) Little Miss Drinkalot
4) My Name Is Mandrake
5) Tinker, Tailor
6) Trivial Triflings of An Aimless AKK (Ang Ku Kueh)
7) Angelique - It's Raining Noodles!

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