Monday, February 18, 2008

Being an anonymous blogger might be good

There were Singaporean bloggers who wrote stuff that were really enjoyable, and they were Cheeky and Bubblemunche (whose blog address have been taken by someone else, and both of them already had, in Internet-Speak, a Blogicide. Both pretty much cited similar reasons for their early departure from the online identity: their family members / colleagues discovering their blogs.

Cheeky blogged with pseudonym and never once revealed his face, his blog entries were unadulterated fun. His writings were parodies of issues and references to what a true Singaporean would be aware of (TT Durai, Sylvester VS Taufik, $600,000 peanuts)! Even President Nathan was not spared! Bubblemunche was known by his real name, though, with honest anecdotes of his trouble with women.

It's really sad for them, as The Internet is a perfect place for your uncensored rantings. With the shit going on in the 'real world' (I hate that term) and having to behave politically-correct and phony when you're with your colleagues and dealing with business clients, you'll need a place to scream, like children. This Internet is a big playground for us big children.

Now, if you maintain a good blog with good writings (or photographs, or videos), you'll be known to the world one day. And the world would also consist of people you hate, your family members, your pointy-haired boss as well. And these people would be reading your true thoughts: the very side of you which you didn't want them to see. Guessed that was the case for Cheeky and Bubblemunche, who had to protect their online alter-egos.

Here an article on How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else). Also, there's always Livejournal to lock up your thoughts and display them only to a select few. I have that option, but I don't really use it :P

So people, blog without inhibitions! Blog using a pseudonym if you need to! Because if your blog only have nice things to say and no controversial opinion, you'll end up like Dawn Yang and million other boring blogs out there (including this one, hahaha).

You can view Cheeky's old entries through the Atom Feed, but the RSS Reader messes up the paragraphing of his entries.

Cheeky, Bubblemunche, if you guys happened to be reading this, please, if you have taken new Internet identities and blogging again, please tell me where to find you guys by emailing me at Yours truly, your pretty loyal fan.


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