Friday, February 1, 2008

Youtube Link: Mean Little Kitty

When a You-Tube video attracts 6 million views it has to mean something: either its something nipple-bearing scandalous, or something phenomenally cute (just like the pair of hand-holding Otters). And now Sparta, the Mean Little Kitty is an Internet superstar, just because his owner Cory Williams wrote and video-ed a catchy tune about him and his biting habits.

Video Still from "Mean Little Kitty": Cory Williams with Sparta the cat

Cory Williams belongs to this new breed of celebrities - the Youtube Celebrities that have created following for themselves for the self-made videos they post on Youtube. He's also one of them in Youtube's Partnership Program, which also means that he gets a percentage of the revenue Youtube gets.

Wow, let's embrace the power of YouTube: for anyone with a video-camera or a webcam, a PC and video-editing program can become known through the world.

Video-still from Mean Kitty Guy

It really helps that Cory Williams is one good-looking guy that have a face that he xeroxed from the head-slicing evil man Sylar from Heroes. I've went through quite a few of the videos in his Youtube Channel, smpfilms, and it looks like he really devoted his life into creating content for his channel, investing in the necessary equipment, and responding to his fans by making videos to answer their queries. Plus, he's real eloquent. You've got to applaud him: according to his bio, he was struggling, jobless while trying to achieve his dreams as a film maker before he found fame via MySpace and Youtube.

I haven't followed the other Youtube Celebrities, but I quite enjoy watching Cory Williams videos - a fascinating documentation of his life as an ordinary American. It's cool because the only Americans I know are like Jerry Seinfeld or Cosmo Kramer! Okay, okay. They aren't the only ones, but you know what I mean lah.

Now it'll be cool to have more Singaporeans documenting their life through Youtube or video-channels. The better-known ones: Kevin Lim has his TheoryCast (Tech talk), Xiaxue has got her Guide to Life (which is surprisingly good). Of course Xiaxue seems to have the privilege of a proper production team backing her up.

And let's not forget self-declared hunk, sghunk1976 Steven Lim...

... half the time preferring to be shirtless.

Not very appealing lah, uncle.

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