Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chesty Nutty Bang Me!

Go watch Chesty Nutty Bang Bang: Hairspray of the Phoenix!

I watched Chestnuts every year since 2003 with the male nurse. Last year Adi, Audrey and Fadhil joined us. This is the live parody show that could make a spoof of ANYONE or ANYTHING. Even the Lees. You know which Lees. It is amazing that they haven't got bashed up, or banned yet.

But this year, though I bought myself front-row tickets for the 2nd Feb, I wouldn't be there. Instead, I've a freelance stint backstage, sometimes found dabbing the sweat off Jonathan Lim with an old-school Good Morning towel as he does quick costume changes for the various short skits that makes up the whole show. That is the one big man that can get away with wearing a dress: he's a joy to work with and watch.

Till today, I've already watched 8 installments of this year's show from Stage Left, and the songs and the jokes have became a permanent fixture in me. I'm now that irritating kid who keeps spoiling the show for everyone else that haven't watched it! Audrey's complaining, and I bet Harlina (who watched the opening show, HALFWAY, I might like to add... stupid girl!) is pissed off.

Here's a chance to see Rodney Oliveiro playing with his cock (seriously lah!) and Singapore Idol finalist Go-Go-Gomez! in sexy shorts. And super cute Yeo Yann Yann! Ooops... I'll say no more. If you haven't caught the show, faster go and buy a ticket!

Only 5 shows left (31 Jan 2008 - 2nd Feb 2008)
Tickets at $40,$30,$20 available at Gatecrash.

As this blog post is hardly a synopsis and review, here's the link to Stages' website:

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