Sunday, July 15, 2007

Someone fire the copywriter ( Part One)

Why would I miss the bus due to a bathroom sink?


Miss Polly said...

Hey, I accidentelly found your blog and thought it was very nice!

I love cats too, and your idea of having 4 cats and name them after the Red Hot guys, is very cool.

Do you mind if I post my comments about what you write?

By the way, you probably realised by now (due to the bad English)that I'm brazilian and you'll probably won't understand my profile or blog (if you decide to read them!)

JY said...

Hey there, Miss Polly! Nice to have somebody leaving a comment. Do leave them! I love the interaction.

I'm Chinese as well but I speak English much better than Chinese.

And cats named Anthony, Flea, John and Chad will be real cute as well : P

Miss Polly said...

chinese, huh? That´s great!
When I lived in Australia, I had 2 great friends from China!

But where do you live then? (the world is getting to smaller everyday, huh?)

JY said...

Hey Miss Polly, I live in Singapore all my live, actually : P

Are you in Brazil now?

Miss Polly said...

Yes, I'm in Brazil! Love it here!!!

Your English is pretty fantastic, didi you live abroad?

JY said...

No, I didn't! In Singapore, English is the First Language for everything that we do. We start learning English when we enter junior school!

Of course, we are learning British English :P

Miss Polly said...

wow, I didn`t know!! Sorry!!
That`s cool though! Being biligual without leaving your country!

JY said...

Miss Polly: Nah, I'm not that billingual. I can't really write in Chinese at the moment.

It'll be cool if I could understand your blog! I've always wanted to read into the lives of people beyond the little island I stay in.