Saturday, July 7, 2007

closer to you

Today I had time to lie in bed and think about my friends and how much I miss some of them.

I remembered a couple of years ago, I was waiting at the traffic junction with F, and we were laughing loudly. About what? I really can't recall. But I know we were always laughing at completely random things back then. Or talking loudly. Such public nuisance, we were :P

After laughing he turned to me and asked "You think we'll be this close next time?"

I probably shrugged the question off with my usual I dunnoes back then.

Now I wished he could ask the same question again just to reassure me that we're still as close.

heh heh sigh

1 comment:

Le Tangerine said...

yeah man. sometimes i think of the old times that we spent during the poly days.

miss those time when we worked real hard to make things happen.