Sunday, June 10, 2007

Training your sales team

My mother's best friend from China (she calls her 宝贝 bao bei *shudders*) is currently in Singapore, practicing as a beautician. She did lip tattooing for my mother, and my mother doesn't have to buy lipstick for awhile for now.

Previously, she had shared with me on businesses in China, and the training she gave her staff. One of the leading beauty companies of the country had their girls thrown within the city, with instructions that by the end of the day they should return with 100 RMB (SGD$25). With nothing to sell! The money shouldn't be from their own pocket or stolen, thus leaving them only to beg or convince people to part with their money.

My mother's friend changed a little of the above-mentioned, by getting her girls to go and sell a chicken egg (a few cents) at 25 RMB! She said one of the girls managed to do that, by white-lying that the 25 RMB is going into feeding poor children.

This is their strategy of letting them grow a set of balls.

Looks like I've got a long way to go: I'm afraid of even asking people to break my note!

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