Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sound Gear!

Thrilling! I was over at Funan IT Mall with Hanafy, the saturday that just past: we were pretending to be loaded (pretending to have a budget of $4000 for a laptop!), but I guess we were pretty unconvincing, dressed like poor students that day. No salesperson bothered to serve us properly, except one guy that was selling MacBooks and Fujitsus. Now that guy was pretty nice: I guessed he is a poor student himself.

The both of us were particularly interested in looking at audio speakers: the built-in speakers on my Acer AL1917 19" monitor is not good: not that it doesn't serve well as a monitor :P The cool part about Challenger (last storey of the mall) is that they have stations allowing you to press button test test their speakers. We were having a frenzy pressing those buttons, listening out for speakers that have the best bass - perfect for Flea's bass-intensive Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes; try Trascending from One Hot Minute.

Found a gem of a brand: Sonic Gear - based in Singapore, stock up some pretty neat speakers that have qualities comparable with Altec Lansing, at surprisingly half the price. A good set from Altec Lansing sets you back around SGD$250. Something similar from Sonic Gear comes up to around SGD$60-$80. Now that's a pretty good deal.

I checked out Sonic Gear's website, and found the one I'm arrowing on: the Evo (wah, like car like that!).

Sonic Gear speakers series also have this act cool, ah beng sounding names like Tatoo (my brother has that!), Blue Thunder & Apocalypx. You got to give them some points for not getting into the iName frenzy (iRiver, iPod, iLikeCheeBei)

The only qualms I have is that the plastic surface speakers look like it's being overdosed with lacquer.

Of course, if you're feeling generous, BOSE sounds fantastic as well.

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