Thursday, April 26, 2007

My father's Chinese name is 国安 (guo an)- "Country Peace", if you translate the words directly. I often tell people that with a name like that he should have been a politician or something. But I think the father's a little like me: we're too shy (really lah), and we're not cunning. Hardly the traits you'll want in the team of Men in White.

A week ago I found my father's records in my ex-school's database: had the menial task of archiving old students transcripts (he's the 2nd batch of NP students). At 17 years old, the father is skinny, and looks very much like my brother. Don't know why the both of them always take photos frowning: does it make them the more intelligent facade with that long-suffering look? I told Audrey that fact, and she replied you also always look like that what.

And it's true: the brother and myself got 80% of our looks from our father. The mother often mockingly moan: if you got it from me you'll be prettier, whilst admiring her sharp nose once again, while we pinched our flatter, boring ones.

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